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We turn business strategy into operational reality.

Welcome to OEE Consulting. We create lasting organisational change that delivers a better experience for your customers, and better results for your business. We don’t just think. We don’t just design. We do. We are the only management consulting firm that works exclusively in operations design and implementation for service organisations. Headquartered in Oxford, we have a team of over 200 consultants and trainers delivering large scale business transformation and improvement programmes across the globe. No matter where you’re based, our certainty of outcome promise means you always get the results you need. Guaranteed.

Design your business to deliver. Join our new public training.

Our latest course teaches the key elements of operating models, their design and when they should be updated.

Properly joined up: collaborating for the customer.

Chris Hallmark discusses the power of collaboration to build end-to-end multichannel experiences.

The Future of Service 2017. Our annual conference.

Is your business thinking radically enough? Join us in London on 9th November to hear the latest approaches to business transformation.

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Training that works

At OEE Consulting we specialise in delivering operations training that works. Really works. We believe the most effective way to learn is by doing. It’s why our trainers favour immersive experiences over PowerPoint. Debating over lecturing. By making our public, in-house, and bespoke training programmes fully interactive and participative we’re able to deliver better results, which naturally means you will too. It’s an approach that works, with our delegates returning to the workplace and immediately being able to deliver tangible business benefits.

Public Training
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Our training is often the start of a real change in working practices and approaches to problem solving. We’re proud to have supported over 20,000 people in changing the way they think about operations.

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Our Thinking

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We discussed our approach to design-led business transformation during a recent event at the Design Museum.

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We'll hear directly from people driving radical business transformation during the Future of Service conference.

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We hear from Senior Consultant Beulah Selvaraj on her work and her achievements as our diversity and inclusion representative.

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