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At OEE Consulting we make real business change happen. We don’t just think. We don’t just design. We do. We don’t approach problems with a codified methodology. We solve them using a pragmatic mindset and a commitment to commerciality.

This means we deliver lasting results quickly and effectively across all channels, all industries and all team levels. Our proven middle-out, implementation led and fully transparent approach means you know exactly what to expect, while our engaging delivery ensures your teams are receptive to change.

Operations Strategy & Implementation

We work with you to develop and implement an operations strategy that both de-risks your business plan and delivers your business objectives – whether financial or customer-based.

Operating Model Design

A business operating model is the critical link between your strategy, customer experience and profits. Our proprietary methodology for designing operating models incorporates best practice and focuses on realistic outcomes.

Multichannel Customer Experience

By integrating our deep knowledge of service operations and consulting expertise with in-depth customer research, we build great multichannel customer experiences with clear and effortless journeys.

Organisational Effectiveness

We have developed a structured, three-stage approach that consistently delivers results and helps futureproof your business against ongoing change.

Process Improvement

Our unique, customer-centric approach to process improvement places equal importance on operations management and work organisation to ensure long-term sustainable change.


Our best-in-class partnership network and operations led approach enables us to bridge the gap between analogue and digital for effortless customer experiences.

Learning & Development

Skills transfer lies at the very heart of our culture and is integral to delivering change that sticks. To support this, we offer a series of accredited and highly engaging training programmes.

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