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Our best-in-class partnership network and operations led approach enables us to deliver tactical digital solutions that allow you to pilot and test concepts within your existing technology infrastructure.

OEE Consulting’s best-in-class partnership network

Customers care about how easy your organisation is to deal with, regardless of which channels they choose or who they interact with.

Digital solutions have the potential to enable outstanding experiences, delivering exciting new services and products while solving real-life problems; but only when integrated alongside existing processes and teams, with the customer as the central focus.

We specialise in designing customer journeys, processes and operating models that work in the real world, utilising digital technologies where there are clear benefits and value, with people, technology and processes working in harmony, regardless of channel.

OEE Consulting Digital solution design

Driving business performance with targeted digital innovation.

We align solutions around your customer journeys and design multi-channel services that deliver them.

From a high-level strategic view, through to targeted, effective implementation, we ensure your people, processes and technology each work in harmony to deliver results.

From Low-Code Workflow, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, to intuitive user experience we utilise the latest technologies and work with best-in-class partners to ensure every part of the customer journey is smooth and seamless.


Customer focused.

Your customers define success. On average, businesses that embrace customer centricity are 60% more profitable (Delloite research), as such we place your customers at the heart of decision making.

Where possible, we speak to, observe, build for, and review with customers, prototyping and testing to deliver benefits at speed and ensure the delivery of key business objectives.

This can range from large-scale reviews and rollouts, or targeted proofs-of-concept to secure future investment.



Building a 360-degree picture of your customers through a blend of surveys, real-time analytics, mystery shopping, real-time, journey and conversational analytics using Artificial Intelligence to derive actionable insight to drive improvement.


Design, Innovation labs and journey testing.

Through appropriate due diligence, extensive user testing and creation of innovation labs and model offices – we’ll evaluate how varying customer scenarios are impacted by changes, ensuring new approaches are capable of delivering headline benefits.

By examining and following the entire customer’s journey, from the earliest indications of need or desire through to service delivery and ongoing support, we’ll identify your most valuable customer persona’s and deliver clear, tangible benefit – fuelling ongoing growth.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For each and every implementation, we conduct a detailed assessment to identify areas of high impact and where automation and digitisation of processes can work effectively to deliver meaningful results in conjunction with human colleagues.

From redesigning customer input, data processing and real-time notifications, we deliver scalable automation solutions that are seamlessly embedded and deliver seamless customer journeys.


User Experience (UX).

Intelligent and intuitive user interfaces are essential for maximising customer experience and productivity. Whether being developed for desktop, tablet or mobile, our experts always design with your customer’s journey in mind.

Through careful design of interfaces and choice of language, customers can be helped to make better decisions and meet their needs, minimising time and hassle, while maximising your outcomes.



We deliver low-code workflow solutions and bespoke applications that can be quickly adopted and scaled.

Furthermore, we can develop flexible solutions in hours or days using agile methods and deploy instantly using cloud-based technologies.



Utilising leading-edge behavioural economics to understand decision-making across stakeholder groups, influencing and directing behavioural change through nudges and positive reinforcement to drive new practices across the business.


Application Development.

Working with cross-functional stakeholders, we’ll prototype, test, design and deliver applications to the desktop and mobile, delivering directly to your customers or providing additional capability to your customer-impacting teams.


Developing lasting skills.

Effective people engagement is often the difference between success and failure.

We’ll always engage with your teams, ensuring that skills, capabilities and disciplines are embedded within your culture, to support the rollout of new solutions and ensure lasting benefits.

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