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Multichannel Customer Experience Multichannel Customer Experience

By integrating our deep knowledge of service operations and consulting expertise with in-depth customer research, we build great multichannel customer experiences with clear and effortless journeys.



Designing effortless and effective journeys

We understand the vital importance of customer experience to your long-term profitability. Cost and revenue are both significantly affected by service quality, which is why improving customer experiences is now the key focus for service companies around the world. Increasingly, customers are voting with their feet – and you need to stop them walking. They demand seamless, simple and innovative ways to get things done. By enabling this, you can improve both retention and acquisition, building loyalty and growing market share.

The OEE difference

For over a decade we’ve been at the forefront of customer-focused service design. By integrating our true end-to-end thinking and by focusing redesign efforts on the real customer experience, we build great new customer experiences with clear and effortless journeys. We also understand that users want more than simply a digitised version of your existing process. They want the freedom to choose how they interact with you, expecting seamless service regardless of channel or technology.

We use a variety of tools and proprietary methods, including multichannel customer mapping and our Immersive Collaborative Experience (ICE) process, to bring together all your business functions and demonstrate the full journey your customers take.

Using our carefully selected partners we can offer best in class benchmarking and feedback programmes, including mystery shopping and live feedback scores, to truly understand the highs and lows of your customer experience offering, and how this compares to your competitors.

By integrating the work of customer experience teams, marketers, digital designers, improvement teams, business analysts and operations leaders we can quickly and efficiently deliver a truly holistic design.


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