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Our best-in-class partnership network and operations led approach enables us to deliver tactical digital solutions that allow you to pilot and test concepts within your existing technology infrastructure.


OEE Consulting’s best-in-class partnership network

Operations led, effective tactical solutions

We understand that customers want the freedom to speak with you on their terms. Whether online or offline, they expect seamless service regardless of channel or technology. We also know that successfully delivering this multichannel journey means applying ever-evolving digital technology to existing business processes. With this in mind, we have developed an operations led approach to delivering digital solutions that ensures customer experiences remain positive and business objectives are realised.

The OEE difference

Key to delivering effective and timely tactical solutions is our best-in-class partnership network. From low-code workflow to intuitive user experience, this network gives us the ability to help you achieve flexible and agile solutions that can be inexpensively developed, rapidly deployed and easily adopted. This can help deliver proof-of-concept for wider rollouts, or provide an interim solution whilst you wait for future technology investment.

We also give you the ability to effect rapid change for your customers, even in organisations that don’t have the technology or ability to achieve it internally.


We bring new insights into your customers’ real experiences. This enables us to link those experiences into your existing business processes and structures and quickly identify the causes of customer effort and dissatisfaction.


We specialise in designing customer journeys, processes and operating models that work in the real world. In doing so we join together people, technology and processes across channels to give your customers a seamless experience.


Intelligent and intuitive user interfaces are essential for maximising customer experience and productivity. Whether being developed for desktop, tablet or mobile, our experts always design with your customer’s journey in mind.


We provide low-code workflow solutions and bespoke applications that can be quickly adopted. Furthermore, we can develop inexpensive solutions in hours or days using agile methods and deploy instantly using cloud-based technologies.


Through careful design of interfaces and choice of language customers can be nudged into the ideal channel or process to meet their needs, minimising their time and hassle and maximising your outcomes.


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