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Associate Opportunities

Welcome to the family

At OEE we view our associates as an integral part of the team. We value their opinions, trust their expertise and expect results in the same way we do our permanent staff. We’re also just as rigorous when recruiting them, to ensure our clients work with only exceptional people. No exceptions. And like our permanent staff we believe in rewarding associates with varied projects, challenging briefs and a supportive working environment at all times.

Trusted partners wanted

We’re always looking for independent specialist operations consultants who care as much about delivering great customer experiences as we do. We expect you to be a natural relationship builder, strategic thinker and have a good understanding of operations management. In return, you can expect us to respect your right to work elsewhere and enjoy full access to any collateral or support you need. We’ll also ensure you always receive payment within 30 days, regardless of whether we’ve been paid ourselves.

Please note we’re not currently accepting applications at this time. Please do check back at a later date.

“Interesting and challenging engagements.”

Hear from our people

Simon Bartlett

“OEE Consulting has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience on interesting and challenging engagements in the UK, US and Europe on some of their largest and most demanding clients.”

Graeme Hobson

“The variety is key to my enjoyment and I’m always finding that no two projects are ever the same – even with the same client.”

Maria Gilgeous

“The best thing about working for OEE Consulting is the flexibility I can build in to my working life to create the perfect work/life balance for me.”

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