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Our recruitment process

People are our business. So when it comes to our recruitment process, we’re unapologetically rigorous. Everything we do is with our clients’ best interests at heart, which is why we only hire like-minded, driven, pragmatic people that can bring about effective and practical change. Equally, by operating a fully transparent recruitment policy applicants know exactly what to expect from the moment they meet us.

A perfect fit

Whether seeking a consulting position, a marketing role or a job in our learning & development team, we use the same exhaustive recruitment process. This ensures all applicants not only have the requisite skills, but are perfectly suited to the uniquely open way of working at OEE. In fact, this cultural fit is just as important as technical capability or past experience, which is why we’re as thorough when recruiting associates as we are with permanent staff.

How the process works

Roughly twice a month we invite carefully chosen applicants to our offices for an assessment day. Attended by directors and members of the senior consulting team, it provides the perfect opportunity for us to assess technical skills and cultural compatibility. For applicants, it’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals and gain invaluable experience regardless of the outcome. Following the assessment day we provide in-depth feedback within a matter of days, giving further guidance to unsuccessful applicants.

Hear from our people

Jo Edgell

“I knew OEE Consulting is an organisation I was keen to work with on the recruitment day. A great deal of care is taken to ensure you are the right fit – and them for you."

Kirsten Allan

“The interviewing process at OEE is possibly one of the most robust that I've been through. I walked away knowing that if OEE hired me, they knew exactly what they were getting!”

Robin Harrison
Director | Marketing + L&D

“A lot of focus and attention is put on finding the right fit, making sure that you are right for the company and also the company is right for you.”

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