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Life at OEE Consulting

In our uniquely welcoming business we encourage the sharing of views and experiences. Total trust is placed in our like-minded professionals from the moment they join. In fact, every one of our consultants manages their own schedule and is relied upon to do the right thing for our clients. In return they receive all the one-to-one support they need, as well as the rewards they deserve.

How we work

We begin with a promise. To ensure every client receives tangible, measurable and sustainable outcomes from their investment. What we do varies greatly of course, but generally falls under ‘operations improvement and transformation’. This incorporates a range of specialised activities, from designing operating models and supporting business integration efforts, to delivering long-term improvement programmes. We deliver the majority of our work through a skills transfer model. This comprises direct support for internal improvement teams, coaching and mentoring for line managers, and the development of client training academies. Furthermore, we also have our very own learning & development team to drive continuous learning. This internal think tank can provide both off-the-shelf and bespoke client training.

Leaving London behind

Unlike some larger consulting firms, we’ll never insist you centre your whole work life around London. Instead, we believe you should have the freedom to go where the work is. This means you can live wherever you like, and, when not working on a client site, you’re entirely free to work from home. However, it goes without saying our work will demand high levels of mobility throughout the UK, as well as Europe. There are also increasing opportunities in America, Australia, China and beyond. In fact, overseas work makes up approximately 15-20% of our revenue, so you could soon have the chance to build up your air miles, working on exciting international projects.

Going further for our clients

Recent growth has seen our clients’ projects take us across the globe. With further expansions firmly in place this means we’re increasingly recruiting internationally. It’s why we’re always seeking talented people who are as comfortable speaking multiple languages as they are talking business. In return they’ll have the opportunity to work on contrasting projects across multiple continents. We also have a treaty trader agreement with the USA, whereby staff with a British passport can receive a long-term E1 visa to work without restriction while in America.

“OEE’s work is better, the work-life balance is better and the ethics that underpin it are significantly better."

Hear from our people

Kirsten Allan

“As an associate, I am given the freedom to make decisions that are right for my clients, and trusted as the individual closest to the situation, irrespective of employment contract.”

Cornelis Fru Ndi
Senior Consultant

“The different types of client requirements mean no two days are the same. This provides significant learning opportunities, a wide range of challenging work and a constant drive for results.”

Annie Pearson

“My work has been varied, from improving customer journeys, operational coaching and introducing continuous improvement teams. I also enjoy working abroad and I’ve had the chance to work in Singapore, New York and Nashville.”

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