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Our Values

Our Values

To us, detailing our values goes beyond the typical list of passion, integrity and ownership – these should be standard across every organisation, and therefore offer little real meaning.

For OEE Consulting, values guide behaviour and offer practical application. Ours begin and end with the most important dimension inside any operation, and the real drivers of change – people.
The way we work makes us the company we are.

Bringing  people together

We work with people, engaging them, adding to their expertise and knowledge and building new skills that will help them to be more effective and more valuable.

Understanding the real issues

We take the time to listen and understand organisations and individuals. We get to know the real issues they are facing, their way of working, their strengths and weaknesses and the changes they need to make.

Creative energy

We have a dogged determination to find the right answer for our clients. We are creative and flexible in our approach, innovating when we need to, delivering solutions that are appropriate for each client.

Focused on outcomes

We do what is needed, always operating with the clients’ best interest at heart. We keep things clear, simple and appropriate. We have integrity. We are scrupulously honest. We know that the clients’ trust relies on delivering every time.

Getting stuck in

We are team players. We work with people and with organisations to make change happen. We are pragmatists. We make practical and effective change.

Hear from our people

Simon Bartlett

“As an independent consultant, I find OEE Consulting very easy to work with. The central team is always very helpful, fair and responsive, and I feel as though I am valued for my contribution.”

Cornelis Fru Ndi
Senior Consultant

“One of the main enablers of success is the people, who are very supportive and operate within a collaborative and non-hierarchical setting. I have found this to be very valuable both in terms of personal development and project delivery.”

Graeme Hobson

“The first thing that struck me about OEE was how it felt different to my previous consulting experience. Like-minded people, no politics, strong culture and a great support system. It always feels professional, but not too formal.”

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