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In Brief
An introduction to Lean for service organisations

In the current economic climate, businesses of all sizes are routinely expected to do more with less. Eliminating waste, efficiency improvements and enhancing value for the customer can all help you transform your business.

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In Brief
Designing the optimum front-line structure.

Team leaders are essential in any worldclass operation. They’re responsible for planning, controlling workflow, improving processes, managing and coaching staff.

In Brief
Setting up an academy to support a Service Excellence culture.

If your business has a successful Service Excellence transformation programme in place, the introduction of an Academy can be invaluable in helping with both broadening and raising the capability of the key staff on your improvement team. These people will be instrumental in facilitating change, so it’s important you give them the tools and the confidence to be successful.

In Brief
Removing silos and creating customer-aligned teams.

Due to the high variety and complexity of service work, it’s often challenging for a single individual to deal with a customer’s request from start to finish. Being passed from person to person can lead to disgruntled customers, while staff can feel demotivated as they rarely get to fully assist a customer themselves. Changing from a silo approach to customer-aligned teams is an effective way to address the challenge.

In Brief
Improving Call Centre Customer Experience

Year-on-year, call centres continue to grow in number. Now a key customer interaction channel for companies, many have invested significant time and effort in finding new ways to improve performance and effectiveness.

In Brief
How to apply Operations Excellence.

Business process reengineering and Six Sigma thinking has always traditionally focused on process. However OPEX practitioners, particularly in the service sector, have realised that process improvement makes up only one third of the organisational jigsaw required to embed sustainable change.

In Brief
Avoiding the pitfalls of Image and Workflow.

Image and Workflow is a generic term for technology that aids paperless working. In its simplest form, it works by delivering an electronic image to a location where it can be processed (read, acted upon, transferred into another system) by a human being.

In Brief
What is customer-driven service excellence?

In our experience, when looking to make improvements most businesses focus their attention internally. However by purely looking inwards they fail to fully understand the consumer’s experience, which in most cases is the greatest source of customer dissatisfaction. That’s where Lean can make a real difference.

In Brief
Understanding the Lean Continuum.

At OEE Consulting we believe Lean tools and techniques are as invaluable in a service environment as they are in the manufacturing arena.

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