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Design of Service Operations

The first academically audited training course of its type

Our new training enables you to consistently deliver your business strategy and service proposition with less effort for your customers and lower cost for your business than ever before.

A well-designed operation aligning service proposition with overall business strategy will help you deliver your key objectives, meet customer expectations and stay competitive in the face of changing demands.

We have combined our significant experience in business design with the expertise of Loughborough University’s Centre for Service Management (CSM) to develop a robust methodology using our proven five phase approach to implementing operating models.

Each delegate is accredited by OEE Consulting to the Loughborough Service Operating Model Skills (SOMs) framework after successful completion of the course.

Find out more about SOMS.

What does the course cover?

Our Design of Service Operations (DSO) training course builds your knowledge and capabilities in the six key elements of service operations design.

  1. Customer experience

What is the true journey our customers take? What is expected of us by the customer, and how are we achieving this?

  1. Journey and process

Business strategy and service propositionHow do we create value across the end to end value stream?

  1. Locations, functions and teams

Examining the network of sites, how do we allocate work to them and how best to design site teams.

  1. Technology and infrastructure

How do information technology and physical facilities support the creation of value?

  1. People, culture and organisation

Are we consistently creating value for the customer and organisation? What is the culture of the organisation, and how does it affect our performance?

  1. Management framework

How are we led to drive value? How effectively are decisions taken, and how do we manage risks?

What are the course levels?

Foundation level

  • Key outcomes: Understand the principles of operating model diagnosis, design, implementation and maintenance; determine when an operating model requires redesign and discuss issues with stakeholders
  • Assessment: Written and spoken test
  • Time commitment: 4 days

Practitioner level

  • Key outcomes: Lead operating model design and implementation work streams, influence internal and external stakeholders in successful adoption of new operating models
  • Assessment: Evidence of delegate-led operating model design work streams
  • Time commitment: 4 days

Advanced Practitioner level

  • Designed as an entry point for senior executives, this course will provide a top down view, ensuring you can sponsor successful operating model design projects, providing effective oversight with an emphasis on growth, culture, and cost/income ratio

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