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Operations Management Training

We believe it’s not a coincidence that organisations that invest in their people, prosper in their industry. Investment expands skills, increases confidence and builds loyalty. This is especially important in the case of team managers and their front-line managers. It’s why we have developed our innovative in-house Operations Management course – helping develop your people and benefit your customers

Designed to advance the skills of both new and experienced team managers, each module draws from our wealth of consulting and managerial experience. Furthermore, as with all OEE courses it consists of highly interactive, PowerPoint-free classroom training that is further supported with workbooks.

We’re also proud that the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has approved the training, which means managers not only gain new skills, but also a nationally recognised qualification. Two levels of ILM accreditation are available, for completing either set of three modules, or the entire suite of six.

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