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Lean Practitioner

Bringing a human touch to Lean

While enhancing customer value and improving work efficiency is key to Lean, we believe it’s only the start. There’s a great difference between doing Lean and being Lean, which is why we offer our highly regarded Lean Practitioner course. It covers the all-important human aspects that are essential in transforming the culture of an organisation to one fully accepting of Lean philosophy. One where people actively embrace new thinking and working methods.


Key course details

Course length: 2 days (requires completed OEE Lean Awareness training)
Course times: 09:00–17:00
Number of places: Up to 15 delegates
Cost: £695.00(ex. VAT) per person

What topics are covered?

  • Team-based problem solving
  • Value and the customer
  • Lean quality
  • Management information
  • Visual management
  • Process mapping
  • Workplace organisation
  • Capacity planning
  • Standardisation

What are the key outcomes?

  • The ability to reconfigure your work place to create a more productive and efficient environment.
  • Identify waste in all areas of your business and learn how to tackle it.
  • Anticipate work demand and the level of resource required to process it on time.
  • Significantly improve the quality of your work output.
  • Capture your current processes and create suitable documentation to ensure standardised work practices.
  • Determine the root cause of problems that affect your work and put in place solutions that permanently resolve the problem.
  • Create visual management displays to improve communication and motivate employees.
  • Design more efficient methods of processing our work to improve speed of delivery and reduce costs.
  • Understand how to facilitate and sustain team based continuous improvement.

What are the assessment requirements?

In addition to attending the course, a mini improvement project is set as part of the Lean Practitioner course. This assesses your understanding of Lean and ensures you have the necessary skills and support to apply it successfully in your own organisation.

This mini project can be completed over two or three months to ensure minimum disruption to your workload and can be tailored to be team-based if required. At the end of the project you will submit a short portfolio to the OEE training team for assessment

This portfolio identifies how you could deliver real improvement to your work area through the application of Lean, the results of which will typically repay the cost of the course within a single year.

Next available course dates

21 November 2018
9 places available
23 January 2019
15 places available
20 March 2019
15 places available
15 May 2019
15 places available
18 September 2019
15 places available
20 November 2019
15 places available
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